Poetry: My Work

A technical mind lacking exploration of the eloquence of words
creates constraints in the realm of imagination and engineering design

January 2020

Well you are just a white girl-what do you know about diversity? 
I know speaking through my heart is my first language and that no matter the color of our skin we all yearn for love, to be loved, and to love the life we lead.
The more we keep putting people into boxes or categories because of how they look, speak, or pray...we are one step closer to the end of humanity. 
Yes, diversity enriches, but until we can accept that diversity can only enrich when we allow the colors to blend together...only then will we created the masterpiece and true art that the greater power wished to see on this Earth.

Notebook and Pen

September 2018

I always thought I was aquarius-water
This calm quiet being
But then I learned that God gave me this
internal fire to set their souls alight 
I was meant to be a messenger 
A sharer of the spark many were missing
in our fading world
I am not here to get my name in papers 
or make the most money
I am simply here to care a little more than the rest and push a little harder than the best 
To show the world not to settle with meaningless days and wasted nights
I would rather be a minimalist than a millionare