5 Necessary Truths by 25

Updated: Apr 6

Last month I had the joy of celebrating another year of life as a human on this wildly beautiful world. This birthday felt similar to those in the past. Yet after realizing that I have indeed lived a quarter of a century, deep reflection was set in motion.

There is so much contrast at this age. At one end you have gone through a multitude of trials and tribulations, therefore, you should be perfectly equipped for what lies ahead. However, soon you understand this was only just the beginning. Therefore, here are 5 necessary truths turning 25 has revealed while on my personal journey of continual growth and gratitude.

#1 Passion cultivates promise. Purpose brings it to fruition.

I grew up with the mindset that if I had the established passion and wanted something more than anyone else, I would undoubtedly succeed. Although passion plays a key part in gaining what one desires, it is only the first step. Merging your passion alongside your purpose as a human being is what will eventually propel you in the right direction in reaching your goals. We need passionate humans, however, the world drastically needs positive, purpose driven humans all the more.

#2 Being a perfectionist is cool, but is a waste of time.

Don't misquote me here when I understand being a perfectionist is perfectly acceptable. This is irrefutably a necessity for those taking part in extremely important, time critical tasks such as say building a rocket ship. Yet, the perfectionist mindset can truly destroy one's ability to manage a multitude of tasks if you MUST do everything with 100% accuracy. Take for example this beautiful matcha latte. It may not be 100% perfect, but I still enjoy it each and every time with ample excitement. Not everything in life needs to be an exact science. Sometimes 90-95% is acceptable, especially if you are trying your absolute best. It will save you both time, and unnecessary worry.

#3 Finding your voice is so damn important, but leading with grace is imperative.

I could scream from the rooftops and throw a fit about the topics that matter most to me in my life: the environment, non-toxic products, nature, clean water, justice, and peace. While that is grand, it is the absolute opposite of what finding your voice means. Finding your voice does not only equate to getting loud about that which you value. Finding one's voice takes being silent until your soul reveals what matters most, followed by carrying that out into the world as eloquently as possible. Lead with humility, and grace. Burning bridges is not on the agenda.

#4 Community drives change, and is the largest indicator of long term human happiness.

We live in a world that largely values the lone wolf mentality. Nevertheless, this is a powerful characteristics for one wishing to bring about change. Still, at the end of the day, a whole is greater than the individual parts. Take your time to be alone, but never forget the power we humans posses when united. As said by the great man, Abraham Lincoln, who ironically shares my birth date: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." It is crucial to become more united against the harmful energy that attempts to divide us all. I have enormous faith and build upon this belief by striving to actively pursue new connections in the community, not for my pride or FOMO, but for the dire need to come together as one world.

#5 Start small. Think big.

Start small is all we ever hear nowadays, but what does that really mean? Personally, I had a hard time overcoming my mentality that everything had to be accomplished in large strides. In the past, I would study intensely 2-3 days a week for 10-12 hours a day. Even if I was very successful, I was almost always very burnt out the following days, and required time to recuperate my energy. Long term this simply is not sustainable, which is why I now see the true understanding of small steps leading to big movements. It is easier said than done, but this beautiful image helped me to understand it well.

When writing these five truths, I truly had a great deal of difficulties narrowing down which felt the most important. I had a one size fit all mindset. After some reflection, I realized that these top five are paramount for me in the now. As I age and journey into a different season of my life, these necessary truths will most definitely change. This is perfectly normal, and a natural part of discovering how one's personal passage through life mirrors the seasons within nature.

Nevertheless, I still believe all of these truths will take precedence as key insights into being a good human here on the beautiful Mother Earth.




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