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Updated: Feb 20

Why a website? Well, why not?

Since I was seven-years-old I have kept a diary. It is more comparable to a large written timeline of my life, and it has kept me centered, and better able to process large changes and challenges throughout the years. In celebration of turning twenty-five, I am carrying this energy into the virtual realm!

Therefore, here is my website:

A diary of my Ph.D. experience.

I hope to document the challenges I face, and how I, god willing, will overcome all of them.

Beginning my Ph.D. last January 2021, during the pandemic, was one of the largest shifts I adjusted through in my entire human existence. I will never forget that feeling moving to a new city 1500 miles away from my hometown. Nothing was familiar. Even the grocery stores were all different. People in Miami spoke Spanish more often than English, and I quite honestly questioned if I had taken the right decision to take such a large leap at 23 years old. Looking back in 2021, so much happened both professionally and personally. I scored top marks in all of my classes, I visited my dream U.S. state, Alaska, with my mom, and I happily got an amazing fiancé to end the year. All in all comparatively, the struggles look as tiny grains of sand in an ocean filled with much success, and happiness.

I thank 2021 for all the knowledge, happiness, tears, and persistence it taught me, but 2022 is the year I will be taking big leaps and bounds ahead while carrying the1st year Ph.D. knowledge I gained alongside of me.

I just know that for me, documentation of my progress helps me to quantify the success of my goals. I also understand that my 90-year-old self will greatly enjoy looking back on the memories I experienced beginning as a young researcher in this grand, wild world.

At the end of it all I understand deeply: Life is short. The world is wide. I want to make some memories, especially in this beautiful journey as a Ph.D. student.

xx Best,



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